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This looks like a very serious weakness to me, as the exclusion criterion seems to be specifically geared towards reaching a particular conclusion.

Indeeeed. I smell something, hmmm, distinctly Freudian about it. Gag. It's also a breathtakingly stupid assumption about the sexual habits of women, regardless of orientation.

Oh well. At least they allow us orgasms now.

Instead of self-reporting with a possible incompetent partner, the data gathering should obviously be done in a laboratory setting by trained technicians. "So you think you don't have a g-spot? Now how does this feel... Now this?"

You two know each other? I suppose I'm not really surprised.

...though I don't know you, I believe.

Nope, never have met in person. We have a few mutual friends though. Say hi to Angus for me.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but hi to Angus for who? "Kahobi"?

Odds are Erik will give a more clear definition as to my identity. The one he knew from McMath.

That's definitely getting more recognition. Thanks.


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